DRIVING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IN THE FINANCIAL & HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY: Managing Director, Operating and Revenue Officer with extensive international experience, including operation, business development, technology Sales, Services and Marketing.

• Experience in publicly listed, private held and private equity financed businesses
• Extensive and active global network in EMEA
• Extensive commercial experience at high growth B2B technology sales organization
• Outstanding multi-cultural skills and extensive international experience,
• Highest level of ethical, professional and personal excellence
• Accomplished and energetic leader, exceptional interpersonal skills, objective and result driven,
• Entrepreneurial, excellent communication skills, outstanding team player

Specialties: Omni-channel customer engagement, Digitalization, Cloud Technology, Mobile, AI & Big Data Analytics.

Nom de la société ou de la structure (Raison Sociale): LIAISON VOCALE
Date de création de la société: 10 jan. 2013
Tranche d'effectif de la société: Moins de 10 salariés (MIC)
Site web de la structure:

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